Fitness Training - Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training should be just that – personal. Sessions are tailored for our clients’ specific goals and their likes and dislikes. Whether you’re training for an Ironman or want to make the first steps into improving your fitness, we can help. For you to be confident that you’ve made the right choice, we start with a FREE consultation to get to know your trainer and discuss your goals.

Why choose us for your Personal Training?
• All team members are highly qualified - Level 3 and 4.
• All team members have professional indemnity.
• All team members have the skills to meet your needs.
• Patience and honesty - the foundation to a successful result.
• Motivation / encouragement: get the best from every workout!
• Personal training with a fully equipped studio.
• Shower facilities and free car parking available.
• Flexibility: train via our studio, in your own home or online.
• 1-1 or small groups are welcome.
• Most of all…have fun! 
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Specialist Training:

Golf Performance Specialist / Biomechanics Coaching

Steve is a CHEK Golf Performance Specialist and is experienced and has knowledge of how to improve performance in golfers by addressing golf-specific conditioning needs, these professionals can expand their skills to include a whole new niche.

Steve will assess the golf swing from a biomechanical and postural point of view. Tests for flexibility / mobility and the correlating stretches will be applied.

Use of the renowned Flexibility-Stability-Strength-Power conditioning progression to optimally improve golf performance and much more!     

Contact us to find out how you can improve your Golf fitness and handicap.   

Specialist Training:

Nutritional Therapy

At Fitness Training a nutritionist will help to explore what makes a successful eating plan for you. Together we will discuss your lifestyle as a whole, not just what you eat, supporting you to overcome obstacles, barriers and deficiencies that stand in your way of success.

Working with a Fitness Training nutritionist will give you an understanding of how a well-balanced eating plan can reduce the incidence of many common diseases such as: diabetes, obesity, digestive pathology, hypertension, heart disease, allergies, inflammatory conditions and much more. Interested?  

Contact us to find out more and start making the changes to your lifestyle today!

Customer testimonials

I initially contacted Steve about getting ski fit. I'd been struggling on the slopes and needed to sort myself out. I had no idea I would enjoy myself so much and also how much better I would feel generally, not just on the slopes. Steve adapts his training to whatever you want to do, whether it is to keep fit or run a marathon. I now have the knowledge necessary to maintain a regular fitness regime, feel better and ski better. Great motivator and great guy!
Cheers Steve.

Mark Fowler, Maidenhead, Berks

I have been training with Steve since 2006 when I was a mere enthusiast. Many years later, I have trained in all of Steve's classes, including Pilates and Personal Training. He is incredibly motivating, trains about every exercise there is to know, he teaches the correct techniques, helps you to achieve your goals, constantly praises and encourages a fun environment. Since 2011 I have run 5 marathons achieving a personal best and I am only 54! Steve says "Anything is Possible" and with Steve it really is.

Terry Hughes, Iver, Bucks

I recently started joining Steve's virtual personal training sessions and group classes via my work's virtual health club. Steve hosts a number of classes throughout the week and I am hooked. They are really tough but engaging and not repetitive unlike other sessions I have done in the past. His personal training knowledge is of the highest level and feel really confident training with him especially when it’s online. He has a range of skills and within them he is attentive to the individual needs as best as possible. Highly recommended!
 Amy Hennessy, Corporate customer

I've been having one on one PT sessions with Steve for several years and can't recommend him highly enough. Steve is friendly, professional and focused on tailoring the programme to my specific needs. He makes each session really enjoyable but I always leave feeling like we've made the most of the hour. In recent times, we have trained on a virtual platform, and this has worked really well and shows how adaptable Steve is. The sessions have been hugely engaging and I look forward to every Tuesday morning.

David McDonald, Berkhamsted