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Corporate Fitness & Wellness

Fitness Training has been working with corporate clients for over 16 years, from small businesses to FTSE 100 clients.

Whether you have a dedicated gym and studio or just some outside space, we can create and tailor programmes to suit your needs.

Our long-standing relationships with our clients are testament to our ability to forge a strong rapport and build our programmes around corporate wellness goals. 

• Gym management: from advice on purchasing equipment to running inductions.
• Gym management: we can help your team get the most out of your facilities.
• Fitness classes: a full range of classes available.
• Fitness classes: high energy to calming and restorative.
• Workshops: motivate and engage your team with specialised sessions.
• Workshops: including nutritional therapy, NLP and lifestyle packages.
• Professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
• Experienced, highly qualified team.
• A proven track record in increasing and maintaining employees’ well-being.
• Specialists in fitness.
• Specialists in lifestyle.
• Specialists in rehabilitation. 

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Customer testimonials

I’ve been doing Steve’s “Pure Power” style of class for a number of years now and can honestly say I always look forward to the classes. They can be challenging and Steve works the class hard – but he keeps encouraging you to do your best and with a personal touch too.

He’ll single you out for praise, encouragement or correction in a positive manner and he also uses his humour to bring a lighter touch to the classes. I would 100% recommend Steve as a trainer. 

Paul Burrows, Corporate customer   

Steve's Pilates classes are excellent! He is a brilliant trainer who considers each participant's circumstances and needs, apart from being patient and very personable. His virtual lockdown classes have kept me sane, helping to keep up my regular exercise routine.

He knows what he’s doing, positively engages with the clients, makes the class fun and as a result has built up a loyal band of followers! I would recommend Steve and his team for any gym management position and studio class timetable.

Laura-Jane Nel, Corporate customer 

I have attended Steve’s Pilates classes in person for years and more recently virtual. They are perfect for stepping out of a stressful sitting down job all day to re-focus mind and body with an always interesting and challenging workout. Even virtual Steve manages to tailor the exercises to accommodate all levels and motivates everyone to try this bit extra that feels so good when achieved. He has a great rapport with everyone in the class, making it fun and including everyone, managing to make the classes accessible and challenging.

Karina Wehrle, Corporate customer 

  I have been attending Steve's Pure Power classes and Personal Training for the last 4 years, and have been attending his virtual classes since lockdown. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Steve has completely transformed my attitude towards exercise. I used to really struggle with exercise and now I love it and actually look forward to working out! I often plan my week around making sure I can make his classes and have seen a marked improvement in my fitness and body shape since attending. Top trainer and top bloke :)

Jessica Gilbert, Corporate customer